Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since June this year, there have been at least 4 instances when a portion of C-5 in Taguig, particularly the southbound lane, right after the Petron gas station and the McKinley Hill entrance/exit, has been flooded. The area is called Palar, very near Commando Link, which provides a tunnel to the other, non-Fort Bonifacio side of Taguig. The flooded area is small and short, not even 200 meters. However, as a result, C-5's 4 lanes is reduced to 1 passable lane. The traffic which results from the bottleneck stretches all the way back to Pasig. That's 4 times in the last 2 months.

It appears that there is no drainage system in that portion of C-5. Or at least none that works. Considering that C-5 is a major thoroughfare, the lack of a working drainage system is unforgiveable. It doesn't take a genius to realize that because the (usually flooded area) lies between McKinley Hill which, as its name implies, is a hilly area and the Commando Link tunnel, which is elevated, it is a catch basin for all the rain or flood water. Hence, the flood. Instead of putting up a drainage system, some wise guy decides to put up walls to hide the "informal settlers" living in the area.

When I first experienced the flood, I was stunned. I e-mailed the former MMDA Chairman and the (former) city administrator. I tweeted about it to the unofficial twitter account of the Taguig government. I posted about it in various forums. My reports were ignored, floating around amidst the chaos in the transition between the old and new government officials.

It appears that most people who live in Taguig, or pass by the area, know about the flooding. How then, is it possible, that nobody in power has done something about it?

My best hope is that one of these rainy days, either Mayor Lani Cayetano, Senators Pia or Alan Cayetano and heck, even MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino gets caught in the resulting traffic jam. The kind that takes them 1 hour to go through that 200 meters flooded portion. Maybe then they'll do something.


  1. Hi. I noticed that they provided some openings at the lower portion of the concrete fence. Did this ease up the flooding?

  2. No, it did not. Just yesterday, there was flooding in the area again.