Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grocery List

According to Wikipedia, as of 2007, Taguig City already had 613,343 residents.

To date, however, there are only 2 major groceries that I know of in Taguig. The Metro Gaisano Supermarket inside Market!Market! and S&R Membership Shopping in BGC.

On the other hand, Mandaluyong, which has a population of only 305,576 (half of Taguig), has gazillions of supermarkets. Off the top of my head, I can tell you that there's SM near Jose Rizal University and inside Megamall, Cherry Foodarama and Puregold along Shaw Boulevard, Rustan's inside StarMall, Shangri-La Mall (though this burned down a few weeks back) and in Boni Avenue and Robinson's Supermarket inside Robinson's Pioneer.

This must explain why Metro Gaisano is always a zoo on weekends or on paydays. In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the planned SM City Taguig will push through.


  1. When my wife and I moved to Taguig I was keenly aware of the lack of supermarkets. Since I work from home I have the luxury of doing groceries on weekdays but every now and then we'll venture into the Metro Supermarket madhouse on a weekend.

    I almost feel bad for the numerous foreigners that have to shop there, sometimes with their eyes slightly wide with fear. Parang gusto ko sabihin "don't worry, you'll get used to it."

    The opening of the small Parco Supermarket and the recent renovations by Market Market (preempting SM Taguig?) have helped though.

    Once Puregold Taguig is set up I'll happily do my groceries there and save myself the 30 pesos parking fee.

  2. A madhouse indeed, especially on payday weekends. Puregold Taguig, once it opens, will be on one of the most traffic roads in the Philippines. To make up for it, I hope it will have a nice selection of goods and good service.

  3. Nick said...

    Finally... Someone who "gets" it.. There IS indeed a lack of grocery here, especially for people like me who like in Global City.

    Metro Gaisano is gets old fast. S&R is ok for some bulk items, but lacks many things we need everyday. The other issue with Metro is that they are often crowded and you are often bumping into others as you shop. We also found that some of their goods are of low quality; once buying spoiled meat, and other times had discovered that the cheese in their dairy case was three months past it's expiry date.

    If you shop at Metro, be sure to check those dates! :)

    The author is correct; Taguig NEEDS another supermarket, or two, maybe three. The news of the coming Puregold is a good sign.