Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cement plant in Taguig accused of improper waste disposal

I stumbled into this report, released October this year, from GMA-7's Imbestigador.

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I hope Imbestigador makes good on its promise to monitor compliance.


  1. Urban Samama phase 2 Napindan Taguig whereby the residents have following grievances :

    1) The area is infested with cement mix plants which have made the life of people miserable as the cement and sand from these plants goes to every residential houses in the vicinity.

    2) The condition of the roads is deteriorated due the heavy traffic of these cement mix plants
    3) The health of the people is deteriorating due to inhaling of dust coming from these plants .

    4) These plants have given rise to slums which are located in the vicinity surrounding these plants and they have been issued proper meralco and water connections.
    5) People have started making factories inside the residential houses which is noisy and hazardous at the same time.
    6 ) There is no control on drunkards and thieves as Barangay is not paying attention to these rising havocs .
    7) sanitary system is so weak and no attention has been paid.

    8) Drainage system is in shambles and streets are dirty and flooded all the time.

    9) No facility of jeepeny services for the commuters .

    we wish the your good office will send a team to investigate these matters and look into the grievances of the residents.

  2. Thankyou for sharing the information with us.Excellent post!