Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taguig: How Not To Create a Local Government Website

According to the Citizen-Centric Website Development Guide issued by the Commission on Information & Communications Technology, the following are the general guidelines to be observed by a local government unit in designing it's website:

The most crucial element of having an online presence is good content . This means that your website must be rich in relevant, up-to-date content that caters to the needs of different users, be they residents, visitors or investors.

Next to content comes presentation. In a citizen-centric website, content must be effectively presented in a way that reflects the needs of the citizens rather than the organizational structure of the LGU.

With these in mind, make an initial assessment of your existing website prior to constructing your new site. Sit down and sort out its existing contents and re-classify them according to the site map prototype provided in this document . Then, based on the results of your assessment , gather all other pertinent data to complete the given site map.

The general rule of thumb for government websites is that they must provide the public with accurate, timely and comprehensive information and services. Side by side with having an online presence is the responsibility to ensure that this rule is adhered to at all times.

Lastly, your website will be your home in cyberspace. From a global point of view, it will serve as the doorway to your LGU. As such, you must take pains to highlight the best assets of your place. Information must not only be properly sorted out but every article to be posted in the site must also be well written and concise.

A cursory glance at the websites of Makati, Quezon City, Manila, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pasay, Marikina, Caloocan and Paranaque will show that the local governments have taken steps to comply with the foregoing guidelines.

In contrast, the Taguig local government's official website has only one distinction - it is pink.

Apart from that, it is not even close to being citizen-centric. There is no content, apart from a Supplemental Bid Bulletin which refers to a bidding process which should have ended on 28 September 2010. It was last updated on 9 September 2010, the administrator apparently unaware of the guideline to provide "relevant, up-to-date content." A person unfamiliar with the city will not even know who the elected public officials are, the contact numbers of the city, the location of the city hall and the programs of government. Again, a reference to the Guide reveals that contact information is one of the most important bits of information which must be indicated in an LGU website:

One of the more important bits of informat ion commonly sought by users about an LGU is its contact information. Thus, make sure that you include your LGU's complete mailing address as well as telephone and fax numbers. Indicate also your LGU's official email address, if any. Be sure to include a mail to link in the email address so users won't have to go far to be able to send their comments or feedback regarding the LGU's services.

Telephone and fax numbers must be preceded by your area code and must be entered using
the following format: (###) ###-####.

City Government of Zamboanga
City Hall
N.S. Valderroza Street
7000 Zamboanga City
Telephone Numbers: (062) 991-4526, 991-2295
Fax Number: (062) 991-1889

Moreover, immediately below the contact informat ion, provide a feedback form where
users can directly enter and submit their comments, suggestions, queries or complaints
regarding the local government, its services, projects and even employees.

Four months into office, the present crop of local officials can't even come up with a decent website.



  2. super walang kwenta

  3. bat ganyan na ang website ng taguig? di hamak mas maganda yun dati.

  4. Seriously?! That's the website of the city they call "The home of the Global City"?!?!? So not global, IMO.

  5. useless website! how can the complainant address their concerns to the city officials! aglipay security services are just a waste of funds from the city of taguig! senseless violation! para maglka pera! mayor cayetano! anu b yan! global city pa namn!

  6. bidding site anu yun? Saan po article niyo para sa the non-Fort Bonifacio side of taguig?