Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who gets FTI?

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According to its website, Food Terminal Incorporated (FTI) is one of the largest industrial complexes in Metro Manila. The Agro- Industrial-Commercial Estate was envisioned to trigger the entry of private entrepreneurs at the vast leaseable portions of the FTI site and to create a conducive business atmosphere essential to the development of the complex.

Last month, Robinson's Land Corporation (RLC) submitted an unsolicited proposal for the acquisition of 103 hectares of the FTI property. The reports did not specify the actual amount of the bid submitted by RLC. Today, it was reported that Andrew Tan's Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.  offered to acquire the same property for Php 14 Billion.

Will the other developers get into the act? Who will win? Wonder what kind of development the winning bidder will put up - I'm putting my money on a mixed-use development with residential and commercial components. Hey, anything which will lead to developments outside Fort Bonifacio would be very welcome.

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