Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Know your Public Servants Part 2: Congressmen

Taguig City is divided into 2 districts.

The 1st District is composed of Bagumbayan, Bambang, Calzada, Hagonoy, Ibayo-Tipas, Ligid-Tipas, Lower Bicutan, New Lower Bicutan, Napindan, Palingon, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Tuktukan, Ususan and Wawa.

Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives website
The elected Congressman for the 1st district is Arnel M. Cerafica. Do visit his profile from the website of the House of Representatives. He is apparently on his first term but has authored 3 bills and co-authored 40 other bills. Notably, he is pushing for the establishment of a district hospital for the 1st district. I've been living in Taguig for about a year and a half and the only hospital I know here is St. Luke's, which is inside Fort Bonifacio. So this should be a good thing, if the bill ever passes. As a resident of the 1st District, however, I have yet to hear or see of any project (of the pork barrel kind) from the good Congressman. Must research more.

The 2nd District, on the other hand, is composed of Central Bicutan, Central Signal Village, Katuparan, Maharlika Village, North Daang Hari, North Signal Village, Pinagsama, South Daang Hari, South Signal Village, Tanyag, Upper Bicutan, Western Bicutan and Taguig's most famous and affluent barangay, Fort Bonifacio.

Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives website
The elected Congressman for the 2nd district is Sigfrido "Dante" R. Tinga, who was the former mayor of Taguig. His profile can be found here. While also on his first term, he has been busier than his counterpart in the 1st district, having already authored 23 bills. Notably, he is asking for the creation of 10 additional Regional Trial Courts for Taguig and 4 Metropolitan Trial Courts. He likewise appears to be positioning himself as a champion of local film and music industry, as seen by his bills proposing tax breaks and incentives for these groups.

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  1. Sigfrido " Freddie" R. Tinga, son of DANTE O. Tinga father of Taguig's Cityhood and Fort Bonifacio since it is a result of the BCDA law he authored when he was a congressman. Freddie Tinga on the other hand, his accomplishments are seen thru the city's budget. When he assumed office in 2001, the city's annual budget was 300M Pesos and when he finished his tenure as mayor, the budget reached 3B Pesos, which were used in notable projects such as the hospital Taguig City General Hospital, renovation of City hall, free schooling and supplies ,Father of Taguig City University, free State U with free snacks even... and more. I hope these help... Just to add more info about our public servants. Thanks!