Saturday, October 8, 2011

Newsbreak article about the Cayetano-Brillantes war

Newsbreak writes about an offshoot of the electoral protest filed by Justice Dante Tinga against Mayor Lani Cayetano: the appointment of Sixto Brillantes (Tinga's former lawyer) as COMELEC chairman has to go through the Commission on Appointments, of which Senator Alan Cayetano, Mayor Lani's husband, is one of the members --> All about Taguig: The Cayetano-Brillantes war | Newsbreak | Independent Journalism

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  1. I can't judge Lani Cayetano's performance as a mayor yet, but I will say that I'm upset that she's changed was was once LBM avenue to "Cayetano boulevard". It doesn't mean anything in the larger scheme of things but I wish she'd done something to improe the "boulevard" first before deciding to name it after her family. That she took some time and effort to effect this change doesn't speak very highly of her.

    Also, it stops me from saying to my friends that I live on LBM (Levi B. Mariano) Avenue.