Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now Open: Puregold Taguig

I was in the area before a few days before Christmas day and noticed that Puregold Taguig is now open.

This is good news for Taguig residents, as it gives us one more alternative (apart from Parco Supermarket) to Metro Gaisano's grocery in Market! Market!

Based on Puregold's Facebook page, Puregold Taguig is its 100th store and is a 3-storey structure with a supermarket, department store, fast food restaurants and ample parking area.

Some of the establishments I've seen so far are Mang Inasal.

And a Metrobank branch.

More pics to come when I visit next.

(Note: Puregold Taguig is located right beside the Taguig City Hall, along Gen. Luna Street, which is probably the busiest, most-traffic street in the non-Fort Boni part of Taguig).


  1. laki din pla jan nlng me mang grocery

  2. laki nga ng company pero mga employee nagreresign kc meron pla cla mga charity work at broken time at excess time n dapat overtime n nila pinagdadamot p nila s employee, hndi mo alam s ganda ng labas ng store pangit ang management pla nila, concern citizen lng! i probably shock cause the big company you did not known it is terrible for the employee.

  3. are there any siomai house in this puregold??