Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cayetano Boulevard (formerly Levi Mariano Ave.)

Cayetano Boulevard's (formerly Levi Mariano Ave.) "extension" has now been opened, making Camella's Pacific Residences and other nearby developments more accessible to C-5. I wonder where the road leads to?


  1. Hi Meg, I think this road should end up near the Tipas/Pateros boundary. Taking Visitacion St will take you to San Joaquin or Bambang Pasig, thus creating another route if one wants to do weekend marketing in Pasig Mega market. Want to attach a screengrab sana kaso I'm a noob here. hehe

  2. Hi Homer,

    I tried to traverse the road all the way to the end. However, after the Pacific Residences area, there are basketball courts on the road and the people there don't look too welcoming. So I made a u-turn instead. Hahaha!

  3. How soon the huge boulevard will fully connected to Visitacion. The people nearby make their life easier going to The Fort and to South via C5. I will be glad to hear if there are any efforts being undertaken to date, not just for this Oligarchs who are being favored for roads.