Thursday, April 5, 2012

Murals in Palar

According to Wikipedia, a mural is "any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface." 

I don't know of any famous mural in Metro Manila, apart from MMDA Art which one can see in EDSA and other major thoroughfares. There is, however, a place in Taguig, called PALAR Village, which has some interesting murals. I just learned from Google today that PALAR stands for Philippine Army Light Armor Regiment. It's a parcel of land, supposedly awarded to (or being claimed by) active and retired soldiers,  near Megaworld's McKinley Hill development.

If you're traversing C-5 coming from Market! Market! and wish to go to Taguig City Hall, Acacia Estates, Puregold Taguig or Hafele's head office and main warehouse, you need to pass through an underpass to get from one side of Taguig  (where Fort Bonifacio is) to the other, not-so-famous side of Taguig. One way to do so, is to take the service road after McKinley Hill.  In the course thereof, you will pass by Palar where you will see a small police outpost, the Palar market and before you turn left at an underpass. The Taguig LGU recently spruced up this underpass with giant murals. May I say that it is a marked improvement from the once dark and dirty underpass.

I have yet to find out if there is any special significance on the drawings depicted in the murals. In the meantime, check out Taguig's official Facebook page for more pictures.

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  1. the 3rd picture is the St. Anne Church : barangay sta.ana

    the last one is a crypt, there is also an altar inside it - barangay tuktukan.

    there is a rumor that there is a tunnel from the courtyard to the crypt!