Monday, December 31, 2012

The perils of driving in C5 (Taguig portion)

In June 2012, Rappler filmed a documentary on the street kids in the Taguig portion of C5. It was entitled Hamog and featured "Peter", the leader of "C5's gang of street thieves". It's worth watching:

I remember this video everytime I pass by the Taguig portion of C5 (from Market! Market! to Heritage to SLEX/East Service Road exit and back), the only stretch:

  • which is not well lighted, compared to the Quezon City and Pasig portions;
  • where people cross the 8-10 lane highway completely oblivious to the dangers they pose to themselves and the cars which traverse the route (for the uninitiated, be careful near Market! Market!, McKinley/Shell area, Diego Silang and after Heritage);
  • which is not covered by the MMDA Navigator App for iOS or Android or the Traffic Navigator which begin or end at Market! Market! You are then left to the mercy of Taguig's official twitter account (@iLoveTaguig1) which gives sporadic updates at best; and
  • where jeepneys occupy 3 lanes (at Diego Silang and Palar areas) during rush hour.
It's like the wild, wild West out there and the Taguig LGU and its Traffic Management Office (yes, it actually has one kahit hindi halata) seem powerless or incapable of finding a solution.

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  1. Very well done. Congrats on this documentary. I think I can recognize one of the boys. :-) You see, I lost my cellphone last Wednesday. As I was using it and oblivious to the hustle on what appeared like a huge parking lot along C5, a small hand reached through my open car window and conveniently grabbed my fon. I guess It was my fault because I have seen it happen to other people before but I did not do anything about it. Do you think the TMO feels the same? What about the shame? - "Unproud" Taguig Resident