Thursday, February 28, 2013

How I Became a Taguig Voter

The deluge of campaign ads reminded me that there are only 74 days until the 2013 national and local elections.

It also prompted me to check if I am finally a registered voter here in Taguig, since last 22 October 2011, I participated in COMELEC-Taguig's Voter's Registration drive in our neighborhood.

In the designated area, the COMELEC required us to present a valid ID, which may be any of the following: 

(1) Postal ID;
(2) Police clearance;
(3) Driver's license;
(4) Current employment ID with signature of employer;
(5) Senior citizen's ID;
(6) GSIS ID;
(7) Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID; or
(8) Student ID or library card signed by school authorities.

I went to the designated area and filled up the application form, which, for those familiar with passport and driver's license applications, now requires taking your biometrics.   

After biometrics, I was given an Acknowledgment Receipt which said that I will not be registered until my application is approved by the Election Registration Board which scheduled a hearing on 16 January 2012 for the purpose. Presumably, the hearing is for anyone who may want to contest my application. I was told that I need not appear in the hearing unless I receive a written notice.

One year and 4 months from my application, I still hadn't heard from COMELEC. Since the prospect of going to COMELEC's Taguig office at the City Hall Building Annex (Tel. No. (02) 542-3996 for those interested) wasn't too appetizing, I tried to find alternative ways to confirm my registration. In my search, I discovered that COMELEC has a Precinct Finder facility. Using this, I was able to confirm that I am now, finally, a registered voter of Taguig's precinct no. 0921B. 

Now comes the harder part - finding candidates worthy of my vote ;-)

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